Welcome To Our Website This weekend, we're broadcasting one service on Sunday at 10am — Click here to watch!

Update On Services

How are we fighting the spread of COVID-19?

Here's our plan for

Sunday, March 29

We will live stream the music and message at 10am so that you can stay home. Just click here to watch. If you really want to be in the “audience” during the live streaming, you may do so with these limitations:

  • If you are sick or taking care of someone who is, please stay home.
  • If your children are sick, don’t bring them. Please stay home.
  • If you have chronic disease or an impaired immune system, please stay home.
  • If you are over 80 years old, please stay home.
  • If you feel we should not allow anyone at all to come, please stay home.
  • If you come, please do not shake hands, hug, or even bump fists.
  • If you come, please practice frequent handwashing and/or use hand sanitizer. 
  • If you come, please sit together as a family and practice six foot social distancing from other families.
  • If you come, you need to know there will be no Study Groups and NO CHILD CARE.
  • If you come, you take full personal responsibility for your decision to do so.

We pray that this will soon pass, and we can openly welcome all who wish to come.

Love you all!

Pastor Lynn